Sonos Roam


In March 2021, Sonos partnered with Jam3 to build a virtual live event to announce their new Roam bluebooth speaker. The 2 day event included a lobby page, featuring a Sonos radio player, where guests waited for the event to begin, and a broadcast page, where the event was streamed live to the press and the larger Sonos community. After the event, guests were redirected to a press kit page, where they could download media assets, view product specs and read reviews of the speaker.

The site was built with React and Next.js. My main focus was on the site's animations, which were built using a combination of CSS and javascript techniques.

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    Front End Developer

  • Date

    March 2021

Guest check-in

Entering the lobby

Sonos Radio player

Engagement tracker

Hello! I'm a front end developer and visual artist.

I've been working in the design & tech industry since 2009, when someone took a chance and hired me as a digital artist at an advertising agency in Colorado. They noticed my apparent willingness to fix IE6 bugs and moved me to the tech team where I got to call myself an interactive developer while learning how to code from some incredibly smart and encouraging people.

After that, I moved to San Francisco for awhile and worked for a small production company and went camping a lot.

Now I live in New York City where I freelance, draw, make animations, play guitar and fiddle with the knobs on my synths. I also teach interaction design and coding to second year BFA students at Parsons School of Design. Please email me if you'd like to work on something together :)